If you’re feeling out of sorts, ask yourself: am I dimming my creative spark?
Perhaps your life is overfull with obligations and activities, so you’ve relegated your muse to the recesses of your mind. It may seem like putting off creative activities is the responsible thing to do.
In fact,
scientific studies reveal that drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, dancing, and singing or playing music heal both body and mind. Journaling can even boost immunity.
And if your career is ailing, boosting your creativity can help; creativity is one of the most sought-after soft skills in the business world today.


Whether you come to me for creativity coaching or writing classes, I meet you where you are. I listen to your goals, where you’ve been, and what you feel is holding you back. Then I help you design a plan to move in the direction of your dreams. It requires work on both of our parts. It’s a real commitment of time and effort, and it’s a joyful process.

I genuinely love this work. I love to help people create the change that they’re seeking in their life, so they can really thrive. So, if my approach appeals to you, let’s talk. We’ll figure out whether you’re ready for coaching and if I’m the right coach for you. I promise, there’s no sales pitch at the end.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Coaching is an investment of time and resources for both of us. My pricing is based on what’s regenerative for me, but I don’t know your current situation.

Coaching is an investment of time and resources for both of us. My pricing is based on what’s regenerative for me, but I don’t know your current situation.

A 3-month program to help you transform.
Boost your writing skills online or in person.
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If now isn’t the right time for us to work together, please take advantage of my free resources.
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I made a 3-minute mind movie to spark your creativity.

Hi! I’m Rebekah.

I write fiction, produce music and visual art, and offer creativity coaching and writing classes from my home-base in Connecticut, U.S.  
Over the last two decades, I’ve experimented with various healthy and sustainable ways to boost my creativity. Yet, I don’t claim to have answers. Instead, I listen to you and ask questions to elicit the wisdom that’s already within you. That’s a skill that comes from compassionate listening, which I refined through more than twenty years of teaching yoga, working as a journalist, and mothering. 

“My name is Ann T. Greene, and this is what I want to say about working with Rebekah Fraser. After 12 months of abortive attempts at writing fiction, two months, three sessions, 28 chapters, 44 pages, and 23,127 words, mirabile dictu, I am writing a novel. Without a doubt, this would not have happened without Rebekah’s creativity coaching.”

~ Ann, author & educator

“Rebekah’s amazing! She sees you. She really gets you. She sees your talent. She sees your desires, and she also sees where you get in your own way… Rebekah has this really beautiful knack for asking just the right questions that helped me to see my own blocks and get motivated to do something about them. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

~ Hadley, sensual embodiment coach

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