Set Boundaries to Enhance Your Creative Flow


Are you trying to finish a project? Do you wish you had time to begin a new project?
Whether you’re dreaming up a business plan or envisioning a sensual new painting, you need time and space to connect with the muse. The bad news is: no one can simply hand you time and space. The good news is: you have the power to open up your schedule if you’re willing to set boundaries with the people and pets in your life.

To set boundaries, mark your calendar with periods when you will commit to shutting out the world. To develop the habit, I recommend making a daily commitment. Weekly is okay, too, as long as you make and then stick to the commitment.

*Note: setting boundaries does not mean you tell everyone to leave you alone and they do it. In fact, whether or not they realize you have a new unbreakable date with the muse, your loved ones may challenge you. The cat will suddenly need to sleep on your keyboard or paint palette. Your BFF will call. Your significant other will sext you. What to do? Close the door, turn off the ringer, or leave the phone by your pillow, where you can enjoy the sext as a treat for honoring your commitment to your creativity.