Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Bringing Your Vision Into the World!


If there is a way to make creativity less risky, I haven’t figured out what that is. 
Whether you paint,  write a poem, or perform, you will be taking a risk. Try to consider everything you may need to succeed in your endeavor. Rehearsal time? A series of new ingredients for a recipe? New canvases? Try to give yourself every advantage. Prepare in every way possible, then do your best and hope for the best. 
Your soufflé may fall. A tech snafu may cause you to be out of sync with the background music. That painting technique you thought you had mastered may prove more difficult now that you’re actually trying it on canvas instead of paper. It’s all okay. Congratulate yourself for trying. Take a deep breath and go back and do it again.  You will learn something from the process. One day, whether you ever succeed or not, you may even laugh about the experience.

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