Tim Recorded a Demo

It’s been night and day for me, to be honest
~ Tim Fitzpatrick

“Hi. I’m Tim Fitzpatrick, singer-songwriter of the band Wow Okay Cool, and I had the great pleasure of working with Rebekah Fraser as my creativity coach, over the past couple of months. I came to Rebekah with a desire to instill more confidence in my songwriting abilities, and to create a structure in the way that I work in order to create more output, and in order to get all of the music and all of the writing that I knew that I had inside of me.”

Tim recorded a demo and is on track to produce a 5-song EP by the end of October.

“Rebekah was able to teach me exercises to to write more consistently, to create more consistently which built my confidence in the work that I do. The structure that she gave me allowed me to create even more.

“And thanks to that, I will be releasing my five song EP, within the next month or so. It’s been night and day for me, to be honest, and I couldn’t thank Rebekah more for the, for the assistance that she gave me. Thank you so much, Rebekah!”

Here’s Tim’s demo, along with a few words about what inspired the song:

For the best experience, listen with headphones.

“The main elements of this song – the hook and the chorus as I see it – had been playing on loop in my head for months before I was able to focus on building the pieces around it. It’s a relatable piece, I think, about the lengths some people go through to succeed in a corporate environment, often to the detriment of kind, worthwhile, but less-ambitious people. It’s something I’ve experienced my fair share of times over the years.”

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