Ann is writing a novel

“My name is Ann T. Greene, and this is what I want to say about working with Rebekah Fraser. After 12 months of abortive attempts at writing fiction, two months, three sessions, 28 chapters, 44 pages, and 23,127 words, mirabile dictu, I am writing a novel. Without a doubt, this would not have happened without Rebekah’s creativity coaching.”

Ann is writing a novel!

Ann started writing her first novel in 2020. She was excited about the story idea and the characters. Yet she soon found the demands of her career, graduate school program, and personal life didn’t leave much room for writing. 

Over eight creativity coaching sessions, I helped Ann develop a robust daily writing habit. I also shared materials and tips to strengthen her authorial skills.

The result: despite having transitioned from one busy career to an even more demanding job, Ann has maintained her daily writing practice and is making steady progress on her novel. Creativity Coaching helped Ann determine where her story is going and how to get it to The End.

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