Gaze In Wonder


“Gaze in wonder at the infinite rose garden.” ~ Rumi

I’m at one of my favorite little spots in New Haven. It’s really a micro-favorite spot because the rest of what I see around me here… I’m not so excited by. Yet this particular view that you see behind me just really delights me, and I often gaze at it.
I find that cultivating a sense of wonder and awe boosts my creativity. There are days where it’s hard to feel a sense of appreciation for anything. Coming out into nature may not bring me into a state of bliss if I’m coming from a state of depression, but it definitely helps. And it helps to get me into a space where I can either write, paint, make a video, or start singing… just some way to start unlocking the creativity inside me. Inevitably, once I start creating, the depression eases.

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