Hadley Is Building Her Business

Working with Rebekah has been just the magic I needed to start seeing my business thrive.

~ Hadley, Sensual Embodiment Coach

At the end of our third session, Hadley told me she had already experienced “monumental transformation” due to the work we did together. Here, she shares her story.

“Hi, I’m Hadley. I’m a sensual embodiment coach. I want to tell you that working with Rebekah has been just the magic that I’ve needed to start seeing my business thrive and to feel like I’m living in congruence with what I do.
In just a few sessions, I went from fearfully not really living my mission and hiding and ignoring my instincts (and my finances) to embodying the fearless exploration that I believe is possible for my clients. My financial situation immediately began reflecting that congruence. Rebekah’s amazing! She sees you. She really gets you. She sees your talent. She sees your desires, and she also sees where you get in your own way. As a creative, it’s really easy for me to blame my lack of motivation on a lack of inspiration. Actually, I didn’t need more inspiration; I’m full of that. I needed to act on what I was afraid of. So Rebekah recommended the right books, and she put the right tools in my hands. And it turns out that my creative mind already knew exactly what to do with them. Rebekah has this really beautiful knack for asking just the right questions that helped me to see my own blocks and get motivated to do something about them. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”