HATE WRITING? Keep a Journal Without Putting Pen to Paper

If the idea of writing in a journal turns you off, try one or more of the following unique forms of journaling.

 Photo Journaling:  Old school- paste images into a blank book. Digital Age- take pics with your phone and create an album or a journal using the Evernote App or Bear App.

Audio Journaling: speak into a recording device (I like the Voice Memo app on my iPhone). You can also sing, or record other sounds you enjoy, such as ocean waves, birds, or classic car engines. 

Video Journaling: record videos on your phone of people, places, things, and ideas that could bring extra juice to your project.

Swatch Journaling: tape fabric swatches, wallpaper swatches or paint chips into a blank book. Write a word or two beside each swatch about how it relates to your project or what you love about it. 

Food Journaling: if food is your art, gather new or vintage recipes, including photos.  Or sample new ingredients – spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc, and makes notes about the qualities of each, including how they may be incorporated into new or old recipes 

Plant Journaling: pressing flowers is a timeless practice that creates beautiful results. (I recently did this for the first time with an orchid. Minimal effort produced a natural piece of art that brings me pleasure every time I see it.) Whether you need inspiration for a story, a film, or next year’s garden, pressing flowers into a special blank book, and adding seeds or seed packets will yield a sensual delight. 

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