Creativity Tip: Meet Your Muse by Connecting with Color

Connecting with color is one way to recognize how your mind, body, and spirit respond (usually without your awareness) to what is in front of you. By allowing yourself to “feel” color, you can unlock new avenues to creative self-expression.

Visit a paint store or hardware store near you. From the vast array of color chips, select ten or twenty that appeal to you and take them. (Go ahead. You know you want to. They want you to, also, so it’s not even stealing.)

Now, bring your journal and your color chips to a place where you won’t be interrupted for fifteen whole minutes. (Car… bathroom… forest… closet…)

Close your eyes and take ten deep, slow belly breaths. Notice any bodily sensations, thoughts or emotions. 

Write a sentence or three about your current emotional, physiological state.

Now, randomly pull one color chip from the bunch. Let your eyes rest on the color and take three deep breaths. While continuing to gaze gently at the color, note any physical or emotional sensations that arise. 

Describe them in your journal. A few words will do, but write as much as you wish.

Observe any new thoughts that pop up. Does this color spark any memories for you? How do the memories affect your physical or emotional state?

Write about your experience.

Repeat this exercise for each color chip. For extra fun, you can also look at each color chip in different lights: daylight, incandescent light, fluorescent light, LED light, etc.

Download and print the journal page for help, or just follow the format in this sample entry:

Before starting this exercise, I feel calm and interested. Wonder what will happen. Mild sensation in my right knee.

Cayenne color chip – reminds me of that evening hike with Cal. I feel energized, playful. Light tingling in my lower abdomen. Fleeting thought about margaritas and salt.

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