CREATIVITY TIP: Bring Two Unexpected Things Together to Create Something New

A young friend recently showed me her new paintings. Honestly, I didn’t get them at first. She combined different types of imagery that didn’t seem to go together. The juxtaposition didn’t make sense to me, until she explained her rationale. Now, I’m convinced this young woman’s art will hang in museums one day.

Of course, she’s not the first creative type to bring together elements that seem disparate. The fusion cuisine trend is well-known example. Hip-Hop musicians have been fusing styles for a while: layering rap over jazz or classical music. This classical pianist is combining piano concertos with dub step.

In 2019, I decided to combine contemporary romance with environmental themes. Since then, I have published three glacier-melting romance novels under the name Tara L. Roí.
What elements can you bring together that don’t seem to mesh?

One thought on “CREATIVITY TIP: Bring Two Unexpected Things Together to Create Something New

  1. Sounds like Hot Fusion to me, and could be an ingenious catalyst. Hang in there and don’t let tech get you down.

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