You maybe be wondering what happens in a Creativity Coaching session. The truth is, no two sessions are alike. I meet you where are you are, and I adjust the work to your current needs.

Before our first meeting, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire about why you’re seeking creativity coaching. Meeting in private online sessions (or in person if you’re in the New Haven area), I’ll show you a variety of tools and guide you through the process of letting your inner creative self emerge. At the beginning of each session, I ask what you’d like to accomplish during that meeting. I may guide you in a brief meditation if the moment calls for it and you are open to meditating.
If you have come to me for guidance or instruction on a writing project, our sessions may involve reading aloud and discussing specific elements of your work. I may also offer materials and tips to help you in your writing process.
At the end of each session, I offer possible action steps for you to commit to based on what we’ve discussed. You’re in charge of your transformation, so it’s up to you to make the commitments and follow through with them if you desire.

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In every meeting, we’ll build your creative mindset and muscle. As your creativity emerges, you’ll enjoy new ways to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate the joys and successes. Each one-hour online coaching session includes a downloadable video and audio recording of the meeting.
Coaching is an investment of time and resources for both of us. My pricing is based on what’s regenerative for me, but I don’t know your current situation.