Are you tired of creating in isolation? 

Me, too! That’s why I decided to make a supportive online environment for you and anyone else who wants to explore their creativity.

Join an encouraging community where you can explore and enhance your creativity from anywhere. Connect with other writers, artists, and producers of all media during weekly online Multi-Media Salons, Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions, and Bi-Monthly Lit Chats where authors can read and receive feedback on their work from a live audience.

online Multi-Media Salons for members of my Patreon community

Each two-hour session will begin with a simple intention setting, then a brief guided meditation to help you relax and tap into your creativity. At the end you’ll have the chance to share your progress and receive praise for your efforts. All this and more is available to you for just $18 per month.

Group Coaching Every other week for Patreon Community Members

Bi-weekly group coaching on Zoom gives you support in your creative journey from me and, if you choose, from others in the group. This and more is available to you for $54 per month.

lit chat livestreams: An online event for authors

In LIT CHAT Livestreams, authors from anywhere read their work in front of a live audience and hear immediate feedback in a chat facilitated by me. This is the expansion of an event I ran in New Haven, CT for 2 years. And it’s a lot of fun. VIP access starts at $54 per month. Reading and feedback privileges start at $108 per month.

You can still book individual coaching and teaching sessions through my website, but members of my patreon community get more perks

Depending on your tier of membership, you may get:

monthly individual coaching sessions

monthly individual writing teaching

free books

a customized mind movie

a personalized guided meditation mp3 download